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Behind the scenes "Issues" (cover)

Making music is what I love to do.. If I am not taking part in something creative, I am a different person (Yes, sappy AF).

I heard Julia Michaels song "Issues" and fell in love with it. She has such an interesting voice, and the lyrics to the song are so clever - I knew I had to cover it.

Once I had put down vocals, I imagined the music video to be a collaboration between music and movement. One person came to mind right away - Vanessa Friscia!!! Vanessa is a talented dancer / choreographer who owns her own dance company (VHUB)

I knew that Vanessa would creatively direct this music video to perfection, and thats what she did! I'm so happy with the choices we both made individually and collaboratively.

Im so lucky to have such talented, likeminded friends to work alongside and collaborate with.

Id previously worked with dancer Lydia Kivela before, and thought that the way she moved was so unique and personalised. She improvises so well, and I knew that her style of dance would suit the vibe I was going for. Vanessa made it all happen and brought on board the second dancer Jacob Garvey, who had just returned back from overseas working alongside trusted artists in his field.

I shot and edited the music video and am loved how it turned out. Connor O'Connor also did a colour correction edit which gave it more of a "grungy / rooftop" vibe.

I could've filmed this cover in a studio up against a recording mic, however I knew these other elements needed to be there.

Love always xx

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